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Facilities and Services


  • Information on Southgate Mall
  • Southgate Mall Gift Card
  • Transport information (meter taxi's, taxi routes & metro bus timetables for Southgate stop)
  • Hiring of wheelchairs
  • Temporary enabled parking discs


  • Information on Southgate Mall & the South of Jozi
  • Accomodation in the South of Jozi
  • Southgate Mall Gift Cards
  • Tourism brochures
  • Transport information
  • Lost and found property


To ensure easy accessibility for physically challenged visitors, and senior citizens; designated parking bays are provided at each entrance to Southgate Mall.

Wheelchairs are available at our Customer Service Desk. Wheelchair access is possible at all entrances and disabled restroom facilities are available throughout Southgate Mall.


Southgate Mall's first aid facility is located on site, where a 'Level 5' medic is on duty to provide assistance when needed. All Southgate Mall's security supervisors are trained to 'Level 3' in first aid. Southgate Mall's Control Office provides medical assistance and is located on the upper level passageway between Cell C and Truworths. In the event that immediate and special medical attention is required, the Doctors Rooms are also located on the lower level passageway between C.N.A and Rage. An ambulance team is called in the case of serious medical emergencies.


Southgate Mall Security administer lost and found services and are responsible for safekeeping of items that have been found. Southgate Mall Security will make reasonable efforts to return lost property to its rightful owner upon presentation of reasonable proof of ownership.

The public is encouraged through notice signs in the Mall to report lost property to Centre Management, Information Desk or Security by phone 011 – 942 1061, e-mail ( or in person.

Any lost items found must be handed in at the security control room and are recorded in the Occurrence Book (OB) and stored in safe keeping.


  1. Obtain from claimants: proper identification, precise description of the items lost, probable location of the loss, the approximate time of the loss, where applicable and proof of ownership
  2. Compare the claim to the register of items lost
  3. If satisfied that the claimant is the owner of a found item, hand it over to them
  4. Have the claimant sign the OB book that the item was received
  5. Items deemed to have no significant value shall be disposed of at the discretion of the Centre's Operations Manager. In all cases the date and means of disposal shall be noted in the OB book
  6. Items with value shall be kept in safekeeping for a 3 month period from the day it was found. Unclaimed items will be included in the Southgate donation box or dispensed to marketing to donate to CSI projects