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Gift Cards

Clueless about what to get your loved one for those extra special occasions? Give an extra special gift. Get the Southgate Mall Gift Card, a ticket to choice, style, glamour and real value. The Southgate Mall Gift Card can be loaded with a minimum of R 200 to a maximum value of R 3 500 and can be used at stores with a debit card facility in Southgate Mall. Should you wish to purchase cards of a larger value, more than one card will be issued.

Southgate Mall Gift Cards are available from the customer care desk on the upper level, next to Legit clothing. The Southgate Mall Gift Card is accepted at stores with debit card facilities.

So, hurry and give a gift that is worthwhile today!

N.B When purchasing a Southgate Mall Gift Card, no matter what the amount, the purchaser is required to provide the guest relations officer with their identity number. Our Gift Card is intended for use within Southgate Mall & Value Market.

Should you choose to use your Gift Card outside of this mall, you will incur additional fees per transaction.

Forms of payment:

  • Debit / Credit Card
  • Cash


  • Positive identification is required for FICA and bank purposes.
  • Remember to sign the signature panel upon receipt of your Gift Card.
  • The Gift Card is accepted at all our retail stores, with a debit card facility.
  • Your Gift Card can be spent in stages, but remember to check your balance regularly.
  • The Gift Card is not reloadable. Balances can be checked at the Centre Management offices or the Information Kiosk.